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번호 제목 작성자 작성일
154 Clean Energy (그룹사)B01_Underwater-drone for hazardous task in nuclear power plant 관리자 2018-10-29
153 Clean Energy (그룹사)B02_Self-Powered Rotary Machine Qperrating Device 관리자 2018-10-29
152 Clean Energy (그룹사)B03_Eco-friendly foam removal system generated by circulating water discharged from power plants 관리자 2018-10-29
151 Clean Energy (그룹사)B04_Boiler Water Pre-treatent Facility and Mulit-channel Integrated Managemant-system 관리자 2018-10-29
149 Clean Energy (그룹사)B06_4D Simulation System 관리자 2018-10-29
148 Clean Energy (그룹사)B07_Efficient Surge/Noise Protection Method for Data Concentration unit in AMI System 관리자 2018-10-29
147 Clean Energy (그룹사)B08_AURoRA (Advanced Underwater Robot for Reactor Assessment) 관리자 2018-10-29
146 Clean Energy (그룹사)B09_In-Vessel Type Control Rod Drive Mechanism for SMR 관리자 2018-10-29
145 Clean Energy (그룹사)B10_Quantiative measurement of recrystallization of fuel rods fod nuclear power generation 관리자 2018-10-29
144 Smart KEPCO (한전)A01_Apparatus for Diagnosing the Secondary Battery System 관리자 2018-10-28
143 Smart KEPCO (한전)A02_Graphene Supercapacitor 48 V module 관리자 2018-10-28
142 Smart KEPCO (한전)A03_Portable calibration kit for on-line monitoring sensor of dissolved gas in oil by standard oil 관리자 2018-10-28
141 Smart KEPCO (한전)A04_Block-Chain Based Electricity Power Trading System Mechanisms and Operating Methods 관리자 2018-10-28
140 Smart KEPCO (한전)A05_Apparatus and Method of Diagnosis for Energy Storage System 관리자 2018-10-28
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